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I know that if you are listening to my podcast, you are probably curious about my material.  Where does it come from?  What authors am I reading?  Among other questions.  So I thought it would be nice to consider those questions and answer them below.  So, I will list some books I recommend that compliment the point of this site.  I also want to list some sites that I believe will be super helpful if you like to dig around and perhaps have questions and really want answers.  While I agree that very little beats having a heart of a Berean, sometimes there are good answers out there that just might save some of your time.  So I list below the things here that I believe will be super helpful.  Though if you still have more questions beyond what is listed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Websites You Should Put on Your List

Dr. Douglas Jacoby – Teacher and Author.  You can read more about him, his credentials etc at his site.  I personally know Dr. D.J. as I attended his ministry training classes known as A.I.M. and even when I was young disciple, fresh out of the water, he did some preaching at my congregation I attended in Silver Spring, MD.  He has hundreds of Q&A’s as well as podcasts as well of his own.  I highly recommend this site, if for nothing else than to be challenged to take your faith higher and study diligently.  Each book title is also a link to where you can buy the book.

Jim McGuiggan – Teacher from the Churches of Christ.  You can read more about Jim at his site.  I do not know him nor have I ever met him.  But, I have always enjoyed this site as I feel it does well to tackle biblical topics as well as topics related to the churches of Christ.

Jim McGuiggan

Books You Should Read at Least Once

Author Kyle Idleman:

Author Douglas Jacoby:

Author Gregory Koukl:

Author Mike Taliaferro:

Author David Platt: