The Cross of Christ

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The Light of Men

Synopsis: What is the Cross? It is the answer to all that has gone wrong. It is the very thing that defeated sin and made a way for forgiveness; for us to know God by tearing down that wall of sin that separates us. It expects us to respond…

Take turns reading the passages below:

Isaiah 53:4-6 (Chapter 53:1-12)

  • Prophecy about Jesus

Matthew 26:36-46

  • Jesus us dreading the cross, prays for the right attitude
  • Jesus had a choice, he chose to die for us

Matthew 26:47-56

  • Beaten, mocked

Matthew 26: 57-68

  • Denied. Have you ever denied Jesus? (Luke 9:23)

Matthew 26:69-75

  • Flogged

Matthew 27:11-26

  • We are Barabbas, we are set free while the Son of God is condemned, but we are the guilty ones.
  • Crowned with thorns while being further mocked, spit upon and beaten

Matthew 27:27-31

  • Crucified

Matthew 27:33-54

  • In the end, to be abandoned by God. He bore not only the punishment due us, but also the actual guilt. He was separated from God (Isaiah 59:2, 2nd Corinthians 5:21)

1st Peter 2:21-25

  • Our response to the cross
  • Question: Does not Jesus deserve those for whom he died?

Acts 2:22-39

  • The cross should always produce commitment in an open heart.
  • How are you going to respond?
  • How should you respond?

Extra Passage

  • Romans 5:6-8

Closing the Study – Read the medical account of the cross.  Included in the PDF thanks to Douglas Jacoby (