The Gospel Foundation

Study Series

Listen to the Podcast and download the study in PDF format

     The Gospel Foundation study series is developed for the church. My intention for this series is to equip the disciples at Fort Avenue to boldly go, seeking and saving the lost. And with confidence, sitting down with individuals and taking them through the Gospel message, one study at a time. This study series will then equip the new convert with a great foundation of scripture to begin maturing in Christ; growing the church at Fort Avenue.

Where did this series come from? It came from a group of churches that has used these studies to grow into multiple churches, both in the United States and internationally. If these studies can be used in other countries as well as the United States, then I believe YOU can use them to grow. You can begin looking at the following studies and see for yourself, what I believe with conviction, to be a great series. This series will be taught to encourage you to practice “Lifestyle Evangelism” in your daily life.

This class is designed to equip each member, who applies himself/herself, to invite others to study the Bible and to do so with confidence. To win souls for God and the kingdom, for eternity, AMEN.