Welcome to the married’s and families

Perhaps you are here because you are either in one of two groups, obviously.  You are married (couple) or married with children (family).  Either way you are here to find information that pertains to your part of the social demographic.  At Fort Avenue, we are devoted to helping which ever demographic you fall into.  We have a growing children’s ministry and many couples who are in different stages of life.  So the long and short of it is this: you will definitely fit in and find people to relate to.

Married Couple (no children)

This is a great stage of life because your only responsibility is to God, your spouse and obviously your career, whatever that happens to be.  This is a great spot to be because it allows you to grow in your love of one another; be free to help the church in whatever capacity your gifts are.  In Fort Avenue, you will be surrounded by other couples who are in different stages than you, who can provide great life counseling, discipleship and planning for whatever stage you want to introduce next into your life.  Maybe you want to start trying to have a child, other couples can provide advice on things like finances, scheduling changes and even be welcomed into your next stage of life to help you as your life changes from whatever decision you make.  At Fort Avenue, you will family to us and you will be glad to be a part of this church.

Married with Children

I believe that anyone in this stage will agree that while being the kid free couple is great, the ones with kids are great in their own way.  Maybe you have less time for just the two of you; since you’re now moving around to make sure your kids are getting to things like school activities or sports.  Perhaps you just introduced your first child and you have less energy than before, partly due to the sleep, or the lack thereof, schedule of the newborn.  Either way, the kids are special and they do make us laugh, smile and even cry at times.  As a parent, we know that to some degree we are responsible for training our children to leave the nest; to be independent apart from us, even if that thought is scarey.  At Fort Avenue, we believe it takes a village to raise a child, and in our children’s ministry we believe in teaching the kids biblical principles and to help them mature in their knowledge and understanding of scripture.  To learn more please check out whatever group your kids fall into, under the “Ministries” tab above.

We welcome both groups into the church, with open arms and willing hearts.  We hope that you feel welcomed and a part of our family here.