Welcome to the Single Professionals

First, we would like to start out by providing the definition of the word “professional”

pro·fes·sion·al  [ prō féshən’l ]
  1. of profession: relating to or belonging to a profession
  2. following occupation as paid job: engaged in an occupation as a paid job rather than as a hobby
  3. businesslike: conforming to the standards of skill, competence, or character normally expected of a properly qualified and experienced person in a work environment

Even though at first it sounds like we are hosting only single’s who are somewhat business minded and successful; what we are really saying is this:

A single person, not attached to another through marriage, who solely has a job at some level for the means of making ends meet; i.e. paying the bills, whatever that encompasses

With that, let us make it clear that we love the single professionals at Fort Avenue, a group of individuals whose sole responsibility lies in their focus on God and their career; as well as the affairs of the church and helping it to grow.  Here we build out single professionals to be engaged in maturation through studies, discipleship and outreach.  There should never be a church or community that dismisses the singles because they are not married.  But, perhaps you are a single mother/father and you are looking for a congregation to join where you and your children can get plugged in and get support.  Then either way, we say, don’t be shy, come and get plugged in and become a member of the Fort Avenue Church of Christs, Single Professional’s.