This is the shepherding group over the Fort Avenue Church of Christ.  We love, guide, give advice and serve the body through discipleship for the spiritual maturation and growth of the Church in Lynchburg, VA.

Lee Cannon

Evangelist, Teaching
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I was born an unremarkable person to parents of moderate means who loved me more than anyone else did for years.  Somewhere, around the age of 19, I attended devotionals and Bible studies and met a lot of friendly people.  One person stood out for the concern that he showed me and the interest that he had in discovering the intentions of the Bible passages that we read and how we could apply the Bible’s teachings to our lives.  I was looking for answers, so I was glad to meet a fellow searcher.

I moved to D.C., and I was set up with 3 roommates from all over the country.  I quickly caught on with a local congregation and began attending Bible studies religiously, every week.  Bob Blons was instrumental in my spiritual development by being the person who invited my roommate to join his Bible Study group.  It was Bob’s concern for me that eventually led me to some capable teachers of the Bible who helped guide me into an understanding of the Bible and God that was solid enough to build my life on.  I was baptized and became a member of the University Church of Christ, a church that has left its imprint upon me to this day for its passionate singing, complete involvement in each other’s lives, dedication to prayer, unity, and solid teaching.  The world opened up for me there and became a welcoming place.  It was there that I met the bride of my life.

Later I found an article that indicated a search for a preacher in my wife’s hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia.  The Fort Avenue Church of Christ hired me in 1991.  In Lynchburg, I have served Fort Avenue C.o.C. for over 20 years and have seen the ups and downs of leading the people of God, the trials and challenges of loving the people of God and leading my family along the way.  While many have come and gone, mainly due to going to be with the Lord, I have enjoyed living in Lynchburg, VA and shepherding the people God has given me thus far.  If you’re reading this and have not visited yet, please do so, I would enjoy meeting you.

Lee Cannon

Steve Allen

Song Leader & Teaching

We came to Lynchburg in 1959 when my dad took a job with G.E. In the mid 60’s we started attending the Fort Avenue Church of Christ. I was baptized in a swimming pool at a church summer camp in 1968 and , with the exception of ten years, have been part of the congregation ever since. I spent three years at Harding University finishing a teaching degree, then three years teaching in New Orleans at the Clifton Ganus School and four years in Little Rock at the Central Arkansas Christian School.

While I was in New Orleans I attended the Crowder Church of Christ. In early 1990, Dale MacAnulty, the preacher at the time, left to start a mission work in Romania. This was just a few months after the December revolution that over threw the communist government. Being a teacher at the time I had the summer free, so when Dale asked for help and funding was available, I was able to go. It was my first trip out of the country so spending nine weeks in an eastern European country that was recovering from a revolution only six months earlier was quite an experience. Religion was repressed under the communist government so there was great interest in the bible. There were studies lined up from 8 AM to 5 PM six days a week. On that trip I met Larry Williams from the Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Little Rock. They had a very active World Bible School program and regularly sent groups to follow up on the program. Through Pleasant Valley, I was able to spend two more summers in Romania working with new congregations of the church there. Seeing God so active in the new congregations there and people so hungry for His word is something that I will never forget.

In 1994 I moved back to Lynchburg. Over the past 20 years at Fort Ave. I have taught adult classes and lead singing. I hope to be active in the congregation as it grows over the next 20 years.