Children’s Ministry Coordinators Meeting

This is the second Children’s Ministry Coordinator’s Meeting.  We are going to discuss curriculum’s, supplies and further our schedule of teacher rotation.  As well as discuss coordinator’s and their monthly responsibilities.

As coordinators, parents, teachers and disciples; we feel the responsibility and stewardship of making our kids learning time important, structured and planned.  This meeting is to discuss the schedule, rotation of teachers and the curriculum; among other things as we begin to look at what is in store for next year.

How can we, as a church and a community, make the Children’s class time not only a learning opportunity (when it comes to the Bible and it’s stories), but also make sure that teachers have what they need to make the class excellent and as stress-less as possible.

If you, a member of Fort Avenue, would like to join us for our first meeting and learn what the needs are, share anything that might be helpful or just sit in and see what we’re all about, then by all means please do so.  This meeting will be held at the Fort Avenue Church of Christ location, January 19th at 1:30PM and will be over by 2:30PM.


The Children’s Ministry Staff at Fort Avenue