People of God: in Community

Sunday Sermon Series

A three-part Sunday sermon series by CJ of Fort Avenue Church of Christ.  This is the second sermon in the series to prep the upcoming Sunday School study series titled: The Gospel Foundation (April 20th 2014).  In this sermon of the series CJ focuses on the aspect that the people of God was always meant to be a community.  CJ brings us into the scriptures of the New Testament and into the most visible church community; Ephesus.  The Ephesians were started by some disciples who were misinformed.  Paul shows up and helps them understand the correct aspect of the Gospel message and Baptism.  Then these people begin to spread the gospel so that everyone had heard the message; the Ephesians economy started to get turned on its head.  A riot eventually breaks out, which forces Paul to leave.  Yet in this we see a letter sent to the Ephesians, Letters to Timothy who was tasked to correct, teach and rebuke the people and to help set up leadership.  From there we see letters from the apostle John who was most likely an elder over that church.  Finally we see in Revelations a letter sent to this church in the province of Asia, which addresses the positive aspect of this people, followed by a challenge to regain their love for their savior like they did at first.  CJ helps us to see how Fort Avenue can imitate their positive sides, while seeing what to watch out for as the church grows and matures.