People of God: in Mission

Sunday Sermon Series

A three-part Sunday sermon series by CJ of Fort Avenue Church of Christ.  This is the first sermon in the series to prep the upcoming Sunday School study series titled: The Gospel Foundation (April 20th 2014).  In this sermon of the series CJ focuses on the aspect that the people of God have always had a purpose and a mission to accomplish.  The people of God were never aimless and yet churches today can get caught in the everyday hustle and bustle of work, family and hobbies; causing them to forget their mission.  CJ brings forth two study cases, one on the people of God as they were tasked to enter the promised land and take it.  The people refused and complained which caused God to decide to let them wander for 40 years until those that complained died in the wilderness.  In the second case CJ shows how Nehemiah had the task and mission to rebuild the city walls of Jerusalem and the temple.  Yet in desiring God and to do his mission, opposition came; as it always does.  CJ reminds us that where the people embrace the mission, opposition sets itself up against it.  Through various methods of conflict through mocking, internal friends/family trying to discourage and external discouragement and rumors.  Yet the people of God pray, trust God and do the work despite everything, will succeed and accomplish the plans of God.  Included is the downloadable pdf file of his sermon notes.