Welcome to Outreach

This is our current Outreach that the church is focused on at the moment, but we would love to do more things as God opens doors.  While we have four groups currently under our “Outreach” tab, we are not saying that no other efforts are being made.  We still believe that every member of the church has the opportunity and ability to meet and share the gospel with individuals.  Jesus gave every disciple the mission of the great commission (Matthew 28:18-20).  That is everyone is responsible for sharing their faith with anyone from any background, gender and ethnicity and to help them understand the gospel message.  While some are better than others, does not mean some have the gift and others do not.  Rather anyone who is curious, can learn from those skilled at something and to have the heart to learn and challenge yourself for personal growth.  Below is the current four groups we consider as a part of our Outreach:

  • Campus
  • Partner Churches
  • Partner Organizations
  • Missions

While these may be our current focus, this does not mean we are not evangelistic in other areas when it comes to meeting our neighbors, while out shopping or sharing a meal and the like.  We should be encouraged and happy to share what we believe, and why we believe with all gentleness, humility and joy.  If you have further questions, please use the “Contact Us” tab.


The Fort Avenue Church of Christ