Welcome to the Campus Ministry

Fort Avenue is all about connecting with the numerous students, spread out over the various college campuses located in the Lynchburg, VA area.  We believe that these young men and women are venturing from the nest and into adulthood; where they are deciding what careers they will be planning to enter.  It is our belief to assist that students to grow and achieve in these years of their life.  That by making Jesus Lord of their lives, they can put God at the center of their lives and become leaders in the community campuses at large and eventually in their careers.  We believe that students who make Jesus Lord of their life, they will be focused to do their school work.  And in their spare time, not only have bible studies and have a great church family that loves spending time with them, providing meals for them and giving them a home away from home; also spending time in outreach to seek and save the lost and build solid maturing friendships that will be with them for a good part of their lives, even after the campus years are behind them.

CVCC liberty-university lynchburg5 randolph-college-1

There are many campuses spread out over Lynchburg, but to talk about a few, we have in order from left to right (pictures above); Central Virginia Community College, Liberty University, Lynchburg College and Randolph College.  We plan to spend time on these campuses, helping to reach out to the individuals there.  By spending time creating bible lessons, studies and campus meetings to help better understand how the folks at Fort Avenue can best serve them and help them achieve the best possible while attending whatever campus they are in.  If you are a campus student, please come check us out and get plugged into the already growing campus ministry at Fort Avenue Church of Christ.