Our worship service is open to all. We are a small congregation with a very diverse group of worshipers. Our worship is modeled after the New Testament and the early Christian church. We sing acapella (non-instrumental) and take the Lord’s Supper each week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect the service to be like?
The four main parts of our service are Communion, Giving, Message, and Praise. On a typical Sunday, you can expect:
1. Communion – we take communion every week. The bread that represents the body of Jesus and the cup that represents His blood. We remember and celebrate Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. Anyone who wants to celebrate God’s love through Jesus is welcome to join us in taking communion.
2. Giving – We pass around an offering plate each week to allow our members to contribute financially to the work of the church. Visitors should not feel obligated to give. Please see our giving page if you’d like to give online.
3. Message – we believe that it is important to deliver relevant and applicable lessons that are helpful to daily life and true to God’s Word. A brief (15-20 minutes) message is given each week to help listeners maintain focus on Christ and on the work God has for each of us.
4. Praise – We sing several songs together each Sunday. The style of worship is acapella, meaning that we sing without instruments. It is a beautiful and unique way that we show our love and appreciation for our God.

What about my kids?
We offer classes for young children all the way through college. Because we are a small congregation, classes are shifting based on the needs of the families who are here. We welcome kids of all ages!
For the service, children are welcome to join parents in the pew. We enjoy hearing and seeing children as they learn to participate in the service. We don’t have an attended nursery, but we do have a room just outside the auditorium doors that parents and children are welcome to use as much as needed.

What should I wear?
Whatever is most comfortable. Some of us get dressed up, others wear t-shirts. We’re much more concerned with spirit than apparel.

What does the Church of Christ teach?
Our Core Beliefs